University Of Southern California Research Group Discovers Link Between Stem Cells And Baldness

The stuntman is Len Richard. While the 44-year old is used to putting his body on the line, he never thought that his own body is what he'd have to fight. Mr. Richard has liver disease and has opted to undergo stem cell therapy instead of being put on the transplant list for a new liver and kidney. There's one large issue with the stem cell treatments though Richard's insurance won't cover it. Now the former friend and partner of the stars are trying to raise $10,000 to fund his stem cell therapies.

Richard opted out for a transplant because he states that transplants are risky and he doesn't want to live the type of life that organ recipients must lead to healing properly. Richard also worries that a transplant wouldn't take and he'd be in worse condition than before, not to mention the side effects from anti-rejection medication. Richard instead opted to put his chances in stem cell therapies.

Once I understood how stem cell works and how it cures people, it was a no-brainer, Richard said. I rather do that than have someone's organs. According link to the "Stem Cell Therapy for Liver Diseases," a review articles, more than 5,000 liver transplants take place annually and stem cells have proven beneficial in post-op therapies.

Richard hopes the promises of stem cell therapies will work for him over a transplant. Nobody wants to be sick. I'd like to be back in California, moving around. I just get tired of going to doctor, getting poked and having them tell me I need a transplant. It's mentally draining, and it's scary.

What Types of Stem Cell Therapies Are There?

Many stem cell therapies are still in trial, and you should always be wary of current stem cell treatments though some doctors are already making progress in their respective fields. In the field of stem cell treatments for chronic musculoskeletal conditions, Dr. Kenneth Pettine of Loveland, Colorado and his research team just completed a three-year study that demonstrated the efficacy of mesenchymal stem cells to treat these degenerative conditions. Pettine who helped found the Orthopedic Stem Cell Institute and other teams are pioneering the use of stem cell therapies to help patients like Richard avoid the risk and cost of invasive surgeries.

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